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Test Systems

Case Study Testing via 3D-Scanner

with Berghof's Smart Component Tester SCoT

(pdf | 769 KB)

Test Systems Interior

Test Systems Exterior

Test Systems E-Drives

Test modules

Brochure PIA Prime

The brochure for the Powertrain Injector Application PIA – the application system for high-pressure fuel systems

(pdf | 3 MB)

Product Information PIA Prime

Find out about the Powertrain Injector Application PIA, the test module for injection systems

(pdf | 477 KB)

Technical Data Sheet PIA Powertrain

All technical data of our test module for injection valves and pumps at a glance

(pdf | 143 KB)

Technical Data Sheet MERLIN

All technical data of our highly flexible measuring module MERLIN at a glance

(pdf | 115 KB)

The MERLIN Family

Interior and exterior test systems with integrated DUT supply – the MERLIN family

(pdf | 3 MB)

Technical Data Sheet ACU Box

The communication module for alternator controllers

(pdf | 161 KB)

Case Study Special Devices – ACU box and LINA

The case study about our dream team for testing alternators

(pdf | 125 KB)

Case Study PIA Prime

The case study about PIA Prime – the injector tester for injection valves and pumps

(pdf | 124 KB)

Case Study PIA Powertrain

The case study about the control unit simulator for injection valves, the Powertrain Injector Application PIA

(pdf | 124 KB)

The PIA Family

Control electronics with integrated power amplifier for injectors: the PIA family

(pdf | 3 MB)

Case Study MERLIN

The measuring module for current and resistance measurements in different test systems

(pdf | 66 KB)

Technical Data Sheet LIO Powerswitch

For high currents: The semiconductor-based switch-disconnector with low power dissipation

(pdf | 141 KB)

Technical Data Sheet LINA

The alternator simulation from Berghof

(pdf | 160 KB)



Berghof Insights

50 Years of Berghof

(pdf | 8 MB)