About us

About us

You’re always on the safe side with us

Quality knows no compromise – the high requirements of consumers and industrial customers can only be met with intelligent testing technologies. The independent test modules as well as the individually-adapted testing solutions from Berghof Testing have been an integral part of our customers’ quality management for many years.

Our standard goes well beyond testing and includes quality competence. Our holistic approach aims to consider all manufacturing-related processes within our customers’ production systems. Our intelligent testing technologies therefore always meet our customers’ high standards for their own product quality.

We convince through our comprehensive services and experiences: from analyzing the test task, designing and developing to building and assembling to maintaining or modernizing test benches.

No matter which range of services you choose: Our unique expertise and our own high standards guarantee our customers a high degree of efficiency, reliability and sustainable cost control.


Together we’re even more innovative

In 1966, professor Georg Zundel founded the Berghof Research Institute, which laid the cornerstone for the successful development of the entire Berghof Group with its research. For us, our focus is on the idea of the “innovation hub” – the intensive exchange of knowledge and the cooperation of all business units with each other, as well as the close and fair cooperation with our customers and partners.



years of innovation



Cross-industry expertise

We have established ourselves in a wide range of industries as a capable and reliable partner for testing technologies, often in conjunction with other business units of the Berghof Group, such as Berghof Automation and Control Solutions. The nucleus of Berghof Testing is the area of automation. In addition to developing and manufacturing control systems, we started to develop software solutions as an OEM partner for logistics systems starting in the early 1980s. At the same time, we began to develop test systems for automotive suppliers in particular. Many renowned companies make use of our expertise today, who must observe current and future exhaust emission standards, such as in the field of power tools.


Always exactly the right testing technology

Whether you need a high-performance test module or a comprehensive test system exactly tailored to your needs – Berghof Testing is the right partner for every single one of your testing tasks. We combine the highest industrial standards of measurement technology and supplement them with our own products if necessary to provide you with the maximum benefits. The modular setup of our testing technologies guarantees you a high degree of flexibility.






We are always there when you need us

We do not sell products – we develop solutions for your specific requirements. Whether you need an expert on site permanently or temporarily or you need to get your test systems back up to the state of the art with our unique retrofit concept: We always see cooperating with our customers as a true partnership at eye level. That is why many renowned companies have been working with us very closely for decades.


Company Management

Theo Rauch manages Berghof Testing hand in hand with Marco Himmelsbach, who is also CFO of the Berghof Group. Around 30 highly qualified experts work with them on intelligent testing technologies. As part of the Berghof Group, we benefit from the experience and expertise of more than 400 experts as well as the strength of an innovative technological company that operates globally.


A good 40 years of Berghof Testing also mean around four decades full of often groundbreaking innovations. We have succeeded in replacing many previously cumbersome and time-consuming test procedures with our intelligent and efficient testing technologies.




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