Fabian Zons, Software Developer

Fabian Zons
Software Developer

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The Berghof Testing Software gets developed inhouse

Testing Software

Heart and nerve centre of all test systems

The inner values count! This statement is particularly true not only for humans, but also of our test systems. Because what makes them special and unique are not aluminum profiles, robots or control cabinets, but rather lies beneath the surface, as so often: The heart of all our testing systems worldwide is the Berghof Testing Software.

Software development is one of the core competencies of the Berghof testing team. Unlike most of our competitors, we have the expertise in-house. This saves (you) time, money and endless coordination rounds with third parties – and we also get continuously optimized cycle times and a greater flexibility of our systems for you.

Thanks to our decades of experience in software development, we continuously optimize our testing software:  For about 40 years, each test system has left our company exclusively with the Berghof Testing Software, which is perfectly matched to the respective application.

In our company, software and test system always go hand in hand in development: Neither of the two can be used without the other. That is why our testing software is constructed according to the modular principle: In addition to standard features, each of our customers receives a specific test application tailored to their system and needs – whether for testing bumpers, vehicle seats or BLDC engines.

Our software is always adapted to the latest technological trends and developments and is based on the LabVIEW programming environment. It is implemented jointly by our qualified and certified development team (e. g. Certified LabVIEW Architect CLA) in close coordination.


  • Investment protection for your systems through periodic updates
  • Simple, intuitive and clear operator guidance with clear result visualization
  • Interactive image-based operator guidance
  • Database-supported (SQL database systems – worldwide standard)
  • Reporting and statistics functions including graphic online display
  • Multi-Language – language switching during operation
  • Universal interface connection to the production control system
  • Flexible, independent adaptation of test sequences, also to new test sample variants
  • Automatic test sequence, optionally with real-time data processing
  • Log module: error prevention through the possibility of analysis → reduction of downtimes


Data Sheet Software

Would you like to know more technical details about our Berghof Testing Software? Then take a look at our technical data sheet!

(pdf | 332 KB)