A strong partner – many strong benefits

You have the innovative products – we have the innovative solutions to ensure their quality and thus your reputation. Reliable. Efficient. Cost effective.

No matter in which phase of the product life cycle you are looking for a reliable partner for quality assurance – at Berghof you are always in the right place. Our range of services includes – in addition to the test modules specified for narrowly defined test tasks – the development, construction, commissioning and maintenance of individual, semi-automatic and fully automated test systems. We design these test systems completely individually according to your specifications. And not just as manual workstations, but also as intelligent test units integrated into your production lines.

As different as our solutions are in detail – all Berghof test systems fulfill a decisive specification: In order for the various user groups to work with it easily, quickly and faultlessly, the structure of the main menu is always clearly and intuitively structured.Our full service concept also guarantees high availability and is the basis for the worldwide use of our test systems.

Product life cycle


Ideas and products in the developmental stage place very special tasks on the testing technology. After all, many things are still in flux – and the test system must therefore be one thing above all else: extremely flexible. Therefore, we are already thinking beyond the current requirements in the conception phase. Because we know from our many years of experience: Often, the evaluation of the first tests quickly creates new requirements for the system. No problem for Berghof: The high flexibility of our software reliably displays different measured quantities and a very wide variance.

Production/end-of-line (EOL)

Time is money – this well-known business principle is of course also valid for quality assurance. For this reason, we are more and more frequently integrating our test systems directly into our customers’ production lines – as a fully automatic testing facility. Whether electrical quantities, force-displacement measurement or surface inspection: Berghof test systems provide immediate and unmistakable clarity without any loss of time through long distances.


Validation/endurance test

First-class quality only then turns customers into enthusiastic brand ambassadors when it shows in the long term. That is why endurance tests, which simulate a complete product life at a time-lapse pace, are good form for all well-known quality suppliers. Here, too, Berghof has the necessary expertise and delivers systems tailored exactly to this very special form of quality assurance.


Test software

Control and visualization

Complex systems also require complex knowledge? Not at Berghof. Our software application, the highly efficient heart and soul of all our test solutions, focuses on simple operation and far-reaching potential influence even for people without programming knowledge. And troubleshooting is also very easy – because the system detects each fault automatically, parallel to the program, in a log module.

The entire software can be comfortably operated via a touch-monitor by finger pointing. The central areas “Operate”, “Visualize” and “Evaluate Results” are color-coded and thus clearly separated from one another.

Speaking of comfortable: For all Berghof test modules, such as, e.g., our multi-talented MERLIN, we have integrated special calibration surfaces into our software.

Other important options include, for example, user administration when a larger group of people work on a test system and different rights are assigned, or the “sequencer”, with which users without special programming knowledge can create a test procedure or redesign existing test procedures. That is our answer to the extremely increased wide variety.

Your contact for our software solutions

Do you have any questions about our software solutions? Please feel free to contact our expert directly – or send us your inquiry via our contact form.

Fabian Zons, Software Developer

Fabian Zons
Software Developer

T: +49 7121 894-176

Service concept

Service contracts

Nothing is more annoying – and more expensive – than when a production failure occurs due to an avoidable fault. That is why we support many of our customers with service contracts individually tailored to the respective system and its demands. As part of this agreement, our experienced project engineers ensure high levels of availability and process reliability through world-class maintenance and complete service. True to the motto: Prevention is better than cure. In addition, our systems also have an efficient self-diagnosis, which specifically and independently detects errors and eliminates them immediately.


Speaking of detecting: We are always there for you if you need us – also by phone. Thanks to our hotline, you will immediately receive competent help – around the clock and around the world. Because our systems are designed in such a way that our experts can access the system directly via remote maintenance in order to support your employees quickly and comprehensively in fault analysis.

Remote service

But that’s not all: With our advanced test systems, our experts can even carry out extensive technical services, such as maintenance or process optimization, with the help of telecommunication networks, using secure connections directly from their desks. This way, we ensure that on-site deployment really only happens when it is absolutely necessary. This saves time and costs.

Resident engineer

On the other hand – especially in the start-up phase of a new test system – it is often simply indispensable that a Berghof employee familiar with all the details and possibilities of the respective system is on-site as a “resident engineer”. In this way, we install a technical interface between all the specialist departments/people involved and our development department directly on-site for a certain time.


Whether new (legal) framework conditions or pioneering technological revolutions – despite fundamental changes it is possible to master new challenges with proven test systems. Retrofit is the magic word: Matching to the respective system, we will create a tailor-made concept for upgrading and/or retrofitting to bring your system up to the latest technological standards and save energy. An extremely economical and fast way to more productivity.

Technical data management

Efficient test technology needs just as efficient technical data management. It is crucial, above all, to coordinate the needs of all company parts well with one another to avoid stand-alone solutions. Again, Berghof is the right partner: Our technical data management ensures the continuity of data, guarantees its traceability and provides for easy and reliable archiving. Your advantage: You can access test and production data quickly and easily at any time, so the values generated are available on call for subsequent evaluation. In this way, Berghof’s technical data management reduces the costs associated with possible data loss and saves a lot of effort and expense for a renewed procurement. Important to know: Our extensive and user-friendly tools not only record test data, they also include all the relevant information about a production line.