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Whether modular test equipment or project-specific customized test system: Berghof Testing is the competent partner for a variety of challenges in the field of testing technology and testing software – for over 40 years.

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Contacts Automotive Test Systems

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Theo Rauch, Business Unit Manager Testing

Theo Rauch
Business Unit Manager Testing | Team Leader Test Systems Automotive

T: +49 7121 894-189

Thomas Roth, Sales

Thomas Roth
Sales | Automotive Interior, Exterior, MERLIN, Power Tools

T: +49 7121 894-293

Andreas Jaudas, Production

Andreas Jaudas

T: +49 7121 894-193

Uli Kirschbaum, Purchasing

Uli Kirschbaum
Materials Management | Purchasing

T: +49 7121 894-305

Andrea Eitel, Order Processing

Andrea Eitel
Order Processing

T: +49 7121 894-194

Thomas Brueggemeier, International Sales

Thomas Brueggemeier
Sales Management | Automotive Interior, Exterior, MERLIN

T: +49 7121 894-123

Peter Deckelmann, Sales

Peter Deckelmann
Sales | Automotive, PIA, LIO, ACU-Box, LINA, E-Drives, Powertrain

T: +49 7121 894-117

Jasmin Talmann, Marketing

Jasmin Talmann
Marketing Assistance

T: +49 7121 894-276

Deborah Dienes, Internal Sales

Deborah Dienes
Internal Sales

T: +49 7121 894-210

Simone Bihler, Qualitätsmanagement

Simone Bihler
Quality Management

T: +49 7121 894-109

Contacts Test Systems Rail | Energy Storage

[Translate to English:] Thomas Wallstein, Business Unit Manager Process Management

Thomas Wallstein
Business Unit Manager Process Management | Team Leader Control Systems, Data Bases

T: +49 3601 4777-0

Juergen Feja, Sales Railway Engineering

Juergen Feja
Sales Railway Engineering

T: +49 3601 4777-22

Markus Zacherl, Sales

Markus Zacherl
International Sales | Battery Testing, MCB, HVSP

T: +49 3601 4777-145

Annett Lange, Business Unit Manager Process Management

Annett Lange
Business Unit Manager Process Management | Head of Marketing

T: +49 3601 4777-0

Philipp Miska, Team Leader Battery Testing

Philipp Miska
Team Leader Battery Testing, MCB, HVSP

T: +49 3601 4777-28



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