The Smart Component Tester SCoT is winner of the German Innovation Award in the category “Excellence in Business to Business” in the category “Machines & Engineering”.
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Berghof Testing is one of the winners of the "German Innovation Award 2021"

May 26, 2021

Even though the award ceremony was cancelled due to the pandemic – the joy is great at Berghof Testing, the testing technology experts of the Berghof Group: The "Smart Component Tester (SCoT)" convinced the top-class jury with its innovative approach to optical quality testing – and won one of the coveted awards at the "German Innovation Award 2021" in the category "Machines & Engineering".

The "German Innovation Award" honours products and solutions, which differ from previous solutions mainly by being user-centred and offering added value.

"SCoT" from Berghof Testing is a good example for this: It tests components at the end of the production line using 3-D scanners instead of industrial cameras (learn more about the functionality in the video). This is the first time that an optical inspection for correct assembly and completeness works independent of scattered light, contrasts and reflections.

Another 3-D scanner inside the Berghof system determines the exact position of the test item on the short, linear conveyor belt and transfers the information in real time to the robot gripper arm for pickup. This saves space, time and costs; the system no longer requires complex and expensive conveyor technology, based on workpiece carriers. The tester can be used very flexibly and changeover times for switching out test sample variants are completely eliminated.

The key benefits of this award-winning innovation at a glance:

  • Variant independent and flexible
  • Perfectly reproducible results, even with changes in contrast and / or lighting conditions
  • No set-up times
  • New test specimens can be added easily and quickly

A total of almost 700 innovations were submitted to the critical judgment of the "German Innovation Award" jury, which is made up of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, institutions and finance. The entries are evaluated based on the criteria: level of innovation, user benefits and efficiency.

The initiator of this prestigious competition is the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) founded by the German Parliament in 1953. It is considered by experts as one of the world’s leading centres of expertise in communication and knowledge transfer within design, branding and innovation and has been the sponsor of one of the most recognized design competition in the world, the “German Design Award”, for many years.

With the success at the "German Innovation Award", this competence center honours the Berghof Group for its special achievements for the third time: In 2017 and 2019, Berghof was among the winners of the "German Brand Award". With it, the German Design Council aims to strengthen the importance of the brand as a decisive success factor for companies in the national and international competitive environment.