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First BLDC endurance test bench with oil bath

September 18, 2019

Berghof Testing once again sets new standards


Once again Berghof Testing has proven its reputation as a pioneer in testing technology: By expanding its BLDC climatic endurance test bench to include complex mechanic testing, the company is setting new standards in the field of e-drives, tapping into new application fields. The special feature about it: The components to be tested are located in an oil bath during the entire endurance run. In this way, later working conditions of BLDC motors can now be optimally simulated for new applications, such as in the automatic transmissions of vehicles. For the first time, Berghof is therefore combining the electromechanical testing of a BLDC motor with mechanic testing. “This is our personal highlight, but also the biggest challenge in this project,” summarizes Peter Deckelmann, Technical Sales at Berghof Testing.

The basis of this new approach is the climatic endurance test bench for BLDC motors, with which Berghof Testing has already made a name for itself in the testing industry. Using highly dynamic servo drives as load motors, the test system is able to simulate real dynamic, active and passive, load profiles.

The high level of flexibility of the base system is preserved

It is completely irrelevant here which brushless DC motor is used – because the test system can handle up to eight test specimens of different variants simultaneously, each of which is controlled asynchronously. With the freely programmable load profiles, the loads of the BLDC motors can be simulated in their real application purpose, which gives the system the greatest possible level of flexibility. Customers can therefore quickly and easily create individual profiles for new load cases as well.

As usual, the test specimens are tested in a climatic chamber to be able to simulate their different temperature conditions in vehicle operation as accurately as possible. Limit loads can therefore also be simulated. Current, voltage, position, speed, torque and temperatures are all recorded.

Changed conditions require new approaches

In this new application case, the engine in the vehicle in an automatic transmission is permanently in oil. Consequently, it is also necessary compared to the previous concept to test the test specimen under real conditions in the oil bath as well – as a function of the different temperature and contamination states. The new Berghof system works with the original oil from the vehicle. The endurance tester simulates a realistic vehicle environment and the entire service life of an automatic transmission in a temperature range from -40 to +150° Celsius, in a clean and dirty state. In addition, this concept can be used to simulate a stationary oil bath or an oil circulation.

The BLDC test system has been and will continue to be used in development and audit testing as well as in quality monitoring in parallel to the production of our customers. The tested BLDC motors serve as a drive, for example, for brake systems, for pumps and for adjustment mechanisms in the vehicle.

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