NI Texas zu Besuch bei Berghof Testing
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New stimulus for successful cooperation

December 16, 2019

Berghof Testing and National Instruments have been working together closely and successfully for many years. In order to expand this cooperation further, two marketing specialists from the business unit Transportation of National Instruments (NI) made the long trip from Texas to Eningen to visit us together with the German Alliance Partner supervisor from Munich. The aim of this one-day meeting was to develop a joint global communication strategy for the testing solutions of Berghof Testing, which also contain NI know-how.

After a brief introduction, Peter Deckelmann, Technical Sales at Berghof Testing, first introduced the entire Berghof Group and the Testing division. He presented the NI team, in particular the portfolio of testing systems and modules from the Automotive Testing division, such as the Smart Component Tester (SCoT), which our experts developed this year together with two other Alliance Partners from NI. The enhanced BLDC tester with oil bath was also met with great interest by the visitors from Texas. Another focus of the discussions was the challenge that the test systems from Berghof Testing, as well as the entire production lines of OEMs and Tier 1, now have to be able to handle a variety of directly successive product variants.

After a joint lunch, the team from Texas presented the Transportation business unit of National Instruments. The following discussion resulted in two topics of focus for a future, global marketing strategy: E-drives and Exterior Testing. By working together, the two companies will in the future appeal to an even broader target group to find even more interested parties for the corresponding Berghof solutions with NI content. This way they have the opportunity to grow together in these areas as partners.

This pre-Christmas meeting provided new stimulus for the cooperation between National Instruments and Berghof Testing, its long-standing Silver Alliance Partner. We are already looking forward to successfully continuing the cooperation both at the national and international level in the year 2020.