Wolfgang Bock
Interview | Berghof Testing

Six questions to Wolfgang Bock

November 12, 2019

An entire professional life in the service of a group of companies – and yet always exciting new challenges: Wolfgang Bock, who has been the project manager in today's Berghof Testing business unit since 1986, came to Berghof immediately after studying computer engineering. At the end of the year, he will be retiring after almost 40 years. The Berghof veteran will tell us in this interview what inspired him time and again and why he remained loyal to the company over this long period of time.

1. When you began at Berghof in 1980, you weren’t doing anything close to what you do now. What was your job when you started?

At the time, we dealt with automation solutions of all kinds as one of the pioneers in industrial automation, including dealing with automatic sorting systems. I first spent a few years in development and then later worked in project planning. We were all young engineers, were always breaking new ground when it came to software and hardware, and had no technical fund, which we could have used. It was a really exciting time!

2. Sounds like it. Just a little experience, no older colleagues to get advice from – wasn't that also a burden for you sometimes?

Actually no. It inspired me even more. For me, new things – technologies, systems, processes – were always hugely appealing. I find it absolutely fascinating to develop new technical solutions from the ground up. That’s probably why I have always felt so at home in the business unit of Berghof Testing, of which I have been a part since 1996. Because for us, it’s practically standard to repeatedly surprise the market with new pioneering innovations – such as recently with our “Smart Component Tester (SCoT)” for the optical testing of components using 3D scanning or our first BLDC endurance test bench with oil bath.

3. As a “Berghof veteran,” surely you know: From your perspective, why were and are the various companies and divisions of the Berghof Group always so far ahead of their time through pioneering innovations?

That certainly has something to do with our special history: We formed from a research institute and the desire to research is simply part of the “Berghof DNA.” Just like the intensive exchange across the individual areas of the group. In addition to countless systems for our customers in various industries, I also developed and built special testing systems for internal use at Berghof Fluoroplastics and Berghof Membranes, for example.

4. However, the business unit Testing is particularly innovative, even in the traditionally innovative “Berghof family.” Why do you think this is the case?

In my opinion, this has to do with our customers above all. When they inquire with us about a test module or a test system, then it’s almost always about new products or technologies that are sometimes only appearing on the market in a few years. For us, this means: After nearly 40 years of experience in this field, we can rely on a large technical pool – but we always have to break new ground.

5. That requires a lot of trust from the customers. What is this trust in Berghof Testing based on in your opinion?

We have always been known for being technological pioneers – and finding solutions that are visually consistent and that offer the user maximum performance and operating convenience. That is why we have many regular customers who repeatedly turn to us and recommend us. What is at least as important: There is a real togetherness in our company. We always combine the concentrated expertise for our projects. This is not only good for our customers, but it also creates a very good working environment – even the young generation notices this and they will certainly ensure that it remains this way in the future.

6. Speaking of the future: A whole new chapter will be starting for you soon with retirement. But you certainly won't leave behind the appeal of puzzling out new solutions – right?

Yes, absolutely! As the saying goes: Once an engineer, always an engineer. For example, I’ve always been enthusiastic about model trains and really enjoy implementing my own electronic circuits. Of course I will keep in close contact with the Testing team and certainly will make an effort to have my gray cells solve a challenge together now and again. So that I also stay physically fit, I also want to tour around on my bike more than before and exercise at the gym. So I definitely won't be bored.