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Alternator simulation LINA

Direct control and testing of alternator regulators: LINA Box Gen3

The name says it all: LINA stands for “alternator simulation” (in German: “Lichtmaschinen-Nachbildung”). And this is exactly what our LINA Box Gen3 does – it simulates the load on an alternator so you can use it to test the functions of alternator regulators holistically.

The LINA Box Gen3 contains both the field coil of the alternator and electronic circuits which, depending on the behavior of the alternator regulator, simulate the typical variations in the vehicle’s on-board voltage under different battery load conditions.

It can also be remote-controlled, enabling automated test procedures – and of course it can be optimally combined with our ACU Box.

Technical data – highlights:

  • Remote control for automated test sequences

  • Operating voltage: 14 V; 28 V; freely selectable up to 60 V

  • Operation via touch display


Also get to know the ACU-Box, the perfect complement to LINA!


All technical data for LINA from Berghof Testing can be found here at a glance!

To the technical data sheet "LINA" (PDF) in the download area "Test modules"