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Circuit breaker LIO

Compact, robust and durable: LIO

There are many circuit breakers, often also referred to as power switches. But our LIO has some important features that make it unique. It is not only particularly compact, but can also be operated without additional cooling thanks to its low power dissipation.

Since it is based on semiconductors and we also deliberately do without mechanical switches such as relays, it is not only extremely quiet, but also extremely durable.

One field of application for our LIO devices is the testing of glow control units. The high continuous current and high switching frequency of 500 Hz also predestine LIO for switching electric pumps and PTC auxiliary heaters.

Technical Data – Highlights:

  • Variants: 10 A, 40 A, 250 A, 400 A - available for production and laboratory

  • Maximum permissible continuous current: 400 A

  • Working temperature range 0 - 80°C


All technical data for the LIO Powerswitch can be found here.