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Injector tester PIA

Under intense pressure: PIA Prime

Modern vehicle engines are real high-performance athletes: You get maximum performance from a minimum use of resources. They are real contempters of costs, especially when it comes to fuel consumption. High-pressure fuel systems that inject the fuel finely and with high precision into the combustion chamber using magnetic actuators play a very important role here. We have developed PIA (Powertrain Injector Application) Prime in order to test these systems flexibly and precisely both on laboratory test benches and directly in production lines as part of so-called EOL tests.

This compact unit – designed for a standard 19''-4U rack mount – takes over the function of an engine control unit and controls a complete high-pressure fuel system. It offers you the greatest possible flexibility: You can freely parameterize the flow characteristics of the fuel injectors, high-pressure pumps and DNOX pumps and synchronously record external sensors, such as needle stroke or structure-borne noise, via additional channels. But that's not all: For autonomous operation, our PIA Prime can also generate internal triggers, and the voltage for the boost and hold phases can also be variably set.

Technical data - highlights:

  • System configuration: Designed for 8 injection valves and 2 high-pressure pumps (configuration for V8 engine)

  • Boost voltage: 1 - 90 V (180 V opt. ) freely adjustable, opt. calibrateable

  • Hold voltage: 1 - 24 V (48 V opt. ) freely adjustable, opt. calibrateable

  • Peak current: 45 A

  • Modular system: Further configurations possible


You can view the complete technical data sheet here.