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Driving forces – in carefully tested quality

Although they often work in secret, electric drives are making a significant and growing contribution to mobility today. Without them, neither the vehicle will move nor will much of what’s in the vehicle. So-called small electric motors are the heart of countless comfort features and assistance systems: Sunroofs, window regulators, seat adjusters, tailgates, windscreen wipers, ABS drives and pumps, parking locks and many more.

The shift towards electro mobility has created electric motors with new voltage ranges. E-mobility also creates an additional demand for electric motors for components that previously got their driving power from the combustion engine. The air conditioning system, for example, in a hybrid or purely electric vehicle now requires an electric drive.

This is why Berghof Testing has made the testing of these various drives one of its core competencies – and offers, for example, a climatic endurance test bench for BLDC and DC motors (brushless and brushed three-phase motors), a torque test system for DC motors and a characteristic-curve test bench for spindle drives. They are all adapted to the respective customer-specific requirements.

Berghof Process Management
at the Muehlhausen site supplements this knowledge in electro mobility with the testing of energy storage devices in the low- and high-voltage range.


Test benches for research and development/ audit

Climatic endurance test bench for BLDC motors

BLDC motors must function flawlessly under a wide variety of environmental conditions. Because cars are on the road in the height of summer as well as in the depths of winter, in wet and sometimes extremely dry conditions. Our endurance test bench for BLDC engines has a climatic chamber so they can be tested under certain, previously defined thermal conditions. This allows our customers to replicate real, dynamic load profiles – but also extreme situations, in order to put the drive through its paces.

Our test bench is therefore used in particular as an audit testing station in quality management. Test specimens can be ABS pump drives, for example. Berghof Testing’s test system for brushless DC motors is able to precisely recreate the environment in which the test specimens are used. In doing so it is so flexible that we can also adapt it quickly and easily to future requirements.


  • Highly dynamic generation of the load for the motors

  • Simulation of the loads of a real intended use or a limit load

  • Six to eight test specimen holders per endurance tester

  • Thermal conditioning using a climatic chamber

  • Basis for measurement application and user interface: Berghof Testing Framework, created in LabVIEW

  • Measurement of currents, voltages, angles, speeds, torques and temperatures


  • Allows endurance testing with mixed equipment (free variant mix of test specimens)

  • Operation of up to eight asynchronously controlled BLDC motors

  • Highly dynamic servo drives as load motors → realistic testing

  • Precision torque sensors for fast regulation of the parameters

  • Fast, real-time data acquisition with the NI PXI real-time measurement system

  • A climatic chamber allows for examination under extreme environmental conditions

  • Flexibility: individual creation of newly emerging cases of loading

Application report: Combination of electric and mechanic BLDC testing

Berghof Testing has expanded its proven test system for BLDC motors to include a unique new function. The climatic endurance test bench is now able to test motors in their real hydraulic environment. Your advantage: You can therefore test them in oil as they will be used later in reality – and this can be done under absolutely realistic conditions. The system tests the components according to the life cycle of the motors with different types of oil, different degrees of contamination of the oil and, thanks to the climatic chamber, in the complete temperature range.

You would like to learn more about the BLDC test in an oil bath? Then don't hesitate to read our report on the topic!

You believe that (moving) pictures say more than a thousand words? Then have a look at our product video!

Characteristic-curve test bench for spindle drives

Spindle drives move comfort features such as sunroofs, window regulators, seat and steering wheel adjusters as well as the tailgate. To ensure that they perform their task properly, a Berghof test bench tests their function here, as well, beforehand. Berghof Testing has added this powerful system to its portfolio – both as a characteristic-curve tester for a single spindle drive as well as an endurance test bench for several spindle drives. They are used in development, audit and also in production.

The load is simulated by dynamic servo drives with spindles. Specially developed H-bridges (bridge circuits) with short switching times and currents of up to 100 A are used to control the DC motors. Our test benches for spindle drives work with technologies that are also used in the climatic endurance tester for BLDC motors.


  • Simulation of the loads of a real intended use or a limit load up to blockade

  • Highly dynamic servo drives as load motors → realistic testing

  • Precision force sensors for fast regulation of the parameters

  • Fast, real-time data acquisition with the NI PXI real-time measurement system

  • Flexibility: individual creation of newly emerging cases of loading

  • Endurance tests at room temperature are possible

  • Basis for measurement application and user interface: Berghof Testing Software, created in LabVIEW

  • Detection of currents, voltages, position, speed, forces, temperatures

Optional concept

Test benches for the production - End of line (EOL)

Torque testing for DC motors

Berghof Testing is the specialist in the testing of small electric motors: In addition to BLDC drives, we also offer our customers our expertise in testing DC drives – i.e., brushed DC motors. Our standardized torque test system for all types of vehicle electric motors is the best choice for our customers’ assemblies with actuator motors, such as tailgate drives, door locks, window regulators or seat frames. The system carries out electrical and mechanical end-of-line functional testing semi-automatically.


  • Programmed test procedure

  • Predefined current/voltage variations

  • Mechanical testing: Load simulation (e.g. force progression of a tailgate)

  • Measurement of current, voltage, force-displacement and torque angle of rotation progression

  • Visual representation or individual output of test results


  • Customized setup

  • Optional: Identification technology, marking systems and much more.

Testing of low- and high-voltage energy storage devices

And Berghof is not only the right partner when it comes to moving components in the car: Berghof Process Management at the Muehlhausen site is our competent (electro)mobility specialist. Because apart from test systems for railway components (Rail Test System RTS) and control systems, experienced experts also carry out their research and development for the testing of low- and high-voltage energy storage devices at this site. In the field of low-voltage energy storage systems, such as starter batteries in vehicles with internal combustion engines, the Modular Charging Base MCB has proven to be an intelligent solution for testing and charging. The solution for high-voltage energy storage in e-mobility: Our modular, high-performance HVSP high-voltage storage tester ensures the quality and flawless operation of traction batteries for electric cars.