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Markus Zacherl
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High voltage batteries

A future full of energy

Due to the growing importance of electric mobility, the demand for batteries continues to increase. New and innovative applications are also constantly emerging for high-voltage batteries consisting of several individual battery cells. Mobile high-voltage batteries are predominantly used as traction batteries in electric vehicles.

To develop into a leading supplier for the e-mobility sector, Germany will in future become established as the location for battery production. German companies already have the knowledge and skills to do this – and so do we: Berghof Process Management at the Muehlhausen site offers modular, intelligent solutions for energy storage testing in both the low- and high-voltage ranges. This is why Berghof has developed into a competent and reliable partner for automotive suppliers and OEMs in the advancement of electric mobility.


The high-voltage battery tester from Berghof Process Management

With the high-voltage battery tester (HVSP, in German: “Hochvoltspeicherpruefstand”), Berghof has a reliable solution for today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for testing high-voltage batteries in its portfolio. Be it higher energy capacities, higher charging voltages or currents – thanks to corresponding source-drain systems in the HVSP, our customers are able to deal with new, even more powerful and thus increasingly sophisticated technologies.

The HVSP reliably detects and evaluates measured variables. This provides our customers with reproducible measurement results. Our system precisely logs safety-relevant data. This data can then be transferred to various database systems. The operation of the test system at the same time remains simple and safe for the operator – fully and semi-automatic test procedures minimize sources of error. Thanks to the low level of detail, even experienced users can carry out development-related work.


  • Communication with the battery management system

  • Residual bus simulation through HVSP (simulation of the entire vehicle)

  • Execution and documentation of all prescribed insulation and high-voltage tests

  • Load test in the form of charge/discharge pulses → simulation of the start/stop function as well as recuperation (energy recovery)

  • Test and use of the cooling system during the tests

  • Tests also possible in module and cell range

  • Optional: integration of leak testers from different manufacturers


  • Simple parameterization

  • Independently adaptable test procedure through test run editor

  • Flexibility: modular test software

  • Integrated diagnostic options for fast troubleshooting

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Cost-effective overall solution: long service life at low operating costs

  • Open test software LabVIEW (industry standard)

  • Networking of several test benches possible (IIoT capability)

  • Parameterization of entire test bench clusters (including non-Berghof clusters) possible