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Power tools

Helpful – and safe

Power tools such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws or drills are essential aids for DIY enthusiasts and professional craftsmen. The demand for power tools, whether with battery or internal combustion engine, especially addressed at the well-known brand manufacturers is therefore high. They have to work faultlessly at all times – and above all, they have to be one thing: safe.


Small Engine Tester

To prevent injury to the user, many well-known manufacturers test their power tools with Berghof’s Small Engine Testers as regards various risk factors. These include, for example, the chain brake time, the kickback torque and the vibration behavior of chainsaws or hedge trimmers. Our power tools test systems are used by our customers, especially in the field of development, to meet the complex and high demands for the operating safety of their tools.

Chain brake time

In order to eliminate the risk of injury to the user of a chainsaw caused by the device, the chain brake time must not exceed a specified value. The Berghof Small Engine Tester checks the reaction time of the device from the release of the brake to absolute chain standstill or a previously specified maximum speed. This test procedure can be used not only on chainsaws but also on hedge trimmers. The Small Engine Tester for checking the chain brake time is especially suitable for use in development, prototype construction or the endurance test. It is also used as an end-of-line test bench for quality assurance in series production.

Function and advantages

  • Semiautomatic manual test station

  • Fixed clamping of the chainsaw variants

  • Accurate and fast speed control via automated throttle activity

  • Automatic activation of the pendulum for triggering the hand guard

  • Exact speed and time measurement with real-time system

Kick back

Another potential risk when using chainsaws is the “kickback effect”. This means: If the user cuts with the tip of the saw, the saw bounces back from the wood – towards the user.

Berghof also offers a Small Engine Tester to determine the kickback torque. This test bench is optimized for use in development as well.

Function and advantages

  • Semiautomatic manual test station

  • Accurate and fast speed control via automated throttle activity

  • Freely oscillating clamping of the chainsaw variants

  • Freely adjustable automatic sawing in “wooden block”

    Vibration behavior

    The third known safety risk when using chainsaws is the vibration behavior of the device. This influences the safe guidance of the saw.

    The test system from Berghof Testing records the vibration behavior of the tool during sawing and evaluates the data. This test bench is essentially designed for continuous operation.

    Function and advantages

    • Fully automated test station

    • Clamping with spring-damper system

    • Measurements: free-hanging and sawing (cutting of tree stem discs)

    • Speed control via throttle and hydraulic cutting feed

    • Approaching speed points

    • Measurement and documentation of the X-Y-Z vibrations of the chainsaw

    • Free placement of multiple sensors on the test object

    • Automatic execution of test series