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Full speed ahead – efficient and error-free

Powertrain – not only is this the drive motors, but also all the components in the vehicle that transmit power to the road via the front, rear or all wheels of the vehicle. That means: A vehicle can only live up to its name – and set itself in motion – if all components of the powertrain work faultlessly. It is becoming increasingly important to achieve the greatest possible efficiency – especially in terms of resource consumption. Many well-known suppliers to the automotive industry rely on test systems from Berghof Testing in order to guarantee the best values in quality, reliability and efficiency of their automotive components, such as injection valves and control units.

Injection valves and pumps

The means of choice for testing injection valves and pumps is the PIA Prime from Berghof Testing. The Powertrain Injector Application is available as a test system in three different levels of complexity.

In stage 1, PIA Prime is used for the functional testing of valves and pumps. In stage 2, the entire injection circuit is synchronized: PIA Prime controls the injection system and synchronizes the actuators by simulating the electronic control unit. Stage 3 takes over control of the entire engine (so-called engine control) – PIA Prime simulates engine control of the entire powertrain and synchronizes pumps and injectors with the speed and much more.

Stage 1: Testing of injection valves and pumps

In order for modern combustion engines to work as efficiently as possible – i.e. above all to score points with minimum fuel consumption and low emission values – high-performance components are a must, such as extremely precise and fast injectors. We have developed our PIA Prime (PIA = Powertrain Injector Application) to test the function of these components for high-pressure injection systems, such as fuel injectors, high-pressure pumps and DNOX pumps for exhaust gas purification systems. This powerful and intelligent device is suitable for use in both development and production. Read more about the features and benefits our PIA Prime offers!

Stage 2: Synchronization of the entire injection circuit

The Electronic Control Unit Simulation from Berghof Testing saves you time and money: It allows you to simulate and test the functions of various electronic control units – Plug & play is the magic word!

With the PIA Prime, not only can the individual components of an injection system be operated synchronously, but also the entire injection circuit of a direct injection system, including sensors and actuators. The pressure in the injection circuit can also be controlled.

Stage 3: Simulation of engine control in the powertrain

The Powertrain Engine Control Simulation from Berghof Testing simulates the engine control in the powertrain. We have developed this solution so that our customers can quickly and easily commission an engine right in the laboratory environment. The big advantage of this clever concept: It allows you to carry out rapid prototyping of your new products in the engine area without additional engine management (ECU). Another advantage: The system also analyzes the actuators at the same time. The entire injection system can thus be optimized by using these measured values.


  • Minimized costs through simulation of different ECUs and settings with only one device

  • Confidence in your engine management through self-optimized test parameters

Generator test – Testing of voltage regulators

The Berghof Powertrain Generator Solution is the easiest way to reduce the target costs for testing voltage regulators for generators (alternators) that regulate the vehicle's voltage network. All you need is a PC, the Berghof software and our specially developed devices (ACU Box and LINA). This allows you to test every voltage regulator quickly and efficiently. You can quickly and easily change your test parameters in the software to simulate different operating conditions. Our solution for testing voltage regulators makes your developers and test personnel successful in production.