Test engineering

Technical data management

Data availability

A system that simplifies the test processes and management of measuring data for the development department.

  •  Engineers can reserve test cabinets from their workplace
  • Central management of data volumes, notification to online server
  • Visualisation and access from various office PCs
  • Management of rights and accesses, and assignment of interfaces to other systems

This system provides for the secure acquisition of measurement data for distributed applications in the company-wide development area.
Measuring data are captured centrally, buffered and distributed to “interested” control PCs.
A module takes over the task of data compression and conversion in various formats (DIADEM, SAP etc), and files these away for long-term archiving in centrally administered firm storage.
All parameters required for the system are managed in a relational data base.
Technical data management is distinguished by its modularity and scalability.